"I met Scott when I was on a book tour and did a reading in Goose Bay. His dog, Jack, attended my reading. Yes! It was Jack's very first outing in a large hotel room where he had to climb stairs for the first time. Jack got the gist of the story so well he stood up and alerted the audience when something very dangerous was about to happen to the dogs in the story. It's true. Check it out with Scott.

At the heart of the novel I was reading from, City Wolves, is the ancient story of how wolves became sled dogs. It's very relevant to Scott's Labrador sled dog venture. I donated copies of the novel to Scott for fundraising. And I donated a substantial amount of money to help him repair and build kennels for his dogs, also to help with his insurance.

Scott's project of maintaining the Labrador heritage sled dogs as a working breed is a great thing I endorse and support whole heartedly."

Dorris Heffron
Ontario, Canada

As you might remember, my wife and I joined one of your Labrador overnight dog sledding trips in February 2016. Janet, herself from the Northern Peninsula has felt very connected with the Big Land, its nature and its people.

You guys were fantastic in setting realistic expectations and Scott was commendable in catering the trip to our interest. As early as the initial stages and upon our arrival you guys were supportive and helpful in preparing for the upcoming trip.

On the day of departure, you welcomed us into your home and helped setting up supplies and gear for the days to come. Scott gave a superb introduction to the dogs, their living conditions, the environment and his heritage. Inviting "Uncle Ken" one of the Inuit-Metis elders to perform a ceremony and prayer to ensure the positive spirits were on our side during our upcoming trip was both beautiful and unforgettable.
Scott's interaction with the beautiful dog teams and their living environment was beyond amazing. He displayed a great balance between ensuring our safety and that of the dogs while allowing us not to feel too "supervised".

The overnight accommodations were not only comfortable but a beautiful blend of the culture and its environment. Having been able to "help" getting the dogs ready for the night, setting up "camp" for the evening and having a home cooked dinner on the wood stove is an experience we will never forget. From there on the evening was filled with amazing stories about the heritage and history of Dog-travel and the Labrador Husky breed. Again, an evening we will never forget.

A day's travel towards the cabin, our comfortable overnight-stay and travel back into Goose Bay the next day lead to an overall unforgettable experience.

Thank you so very much for your enthusiasm, dedication and infectious passion about Labrador, its people and beautiful heritage. We thank you and wish you the utmost success in the future, in the hope you will be able to keep the traditions of this beautiful land and its people alive and well.

Hopefully 'til sometime again soon,

Janet Cull & Eric Lamme
St. John's, NL

We had a wonderful time with you and your crew. Sophia was thrilled, and Karen thought everything about the experience was top-notch. Thanks for exercising my husband, too!! LOL

Thank you for trusting us to be out with your furry family.

See you again!

Erica Oberndorfer and Paul MacDonald​

As an adventure company based in British Columbia we have had the privilege of working with Scott and Lori on a few occasions:

In March 2005 Scott took ourselves and our young sons on a sled dog tour on the bays east of Goose Bay.

Les Stroud (sometimes better known as Survivor man) had been a participant on our Ontario
and BC expeditions and we have been a frequent contributor to his television series in the capacity of area specialists (BC, Alaska and Labrador). We were able to connect Les and Scott during Les's Labrador endeavours.

In the winter of 2014 Scott and Lori provided a day tour for our international clientele and myself during a multi week winter expedition we put together.

Working with Scott is a hands-on experience and we like that. We participate in every aspect of the tour/activity. There is enough time and 'space' for every participant to work with him at his/her leisure. The importance of dog travel in days past shines through Scott's narratives and information. Above all, it is his love for the dogs (both practical and emotional) and their links to his cultural heritage that is evident throughout. Being in the guiding business ourselves for over 25 years the most important part of any guided activity are the social skills of the guide. Yes, you do need to know 'your stuff' and Scott does but if you possess all the knowledge in the world about dogsledding yet you have the social grace of a muskox, you will not get very far. And that is the essence of Scott and Lori's skill sets. They DO know their stuff but they also have an excellent way with people from any walk of life.
If I had lived in Goose Bay longer I would consider them friends and business associates.

Lo and Annemarie
Saltspring Island BC
Nature Trek Canada

This letter is in regard to the wonderful dogsledding experience I had with my family in December of 2014. I, along with my wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandson spent an unforgettable few hours taking part in an activity that had been a basic part of the Metis tradition, according to Scott, for many years in the past.

We were warmly greeted by Scott and his most able assistant when we arrived at the place in Happy Valley-Goose Bay where he kept his Labrador breed of sled dogs. After explaining about the uniqueness of the Labrador breed and getting us to actually share in the activity of harnessing the dogs, Scott took pains to make clear the things to do and the things to NOT do to ensure we had a safe and enjoyable experience. This included the proper way to stand on the back of the dogsled and how to stop it safely.

Each of us, except for my toddler grandson, got the opportunity to actually manage the dogsled during our ride. We were given the opportunity to rest whenever we wished, and Scott rode close by on his snowmobile to ensure the path ahead was clear. As the time came for another of our party to try their hand at handling the sled we switched around to either being a passenger on Scott's snowmobile or riding in a Labrador komatik towed by Scott's assistant who also had a snowmobile.

The whole experience was made all the better by the fact that we had beautiful weather for the excursion. Scott's wonderful sense of humour and his obvious knowledge and love for his dogs made the whole thing a most unforgettable experience. Since our return back home to the island part of our province we have told many friends of our experience and about how much fun we had.

For me, personally, the opportunity to take part in an authentic part of the Labrador culture was a high point of the experience. It was my first trip to Labrador and I shall treasure it among my best experiences.

Carl R. Slaney
Marystown, NL

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hudson in early March 2016 for two separate dogsledding day trips. I followed Mr. Hudson's dogsledding Facebook page and also spoke to a number of people about their experiences before scheduling rides with him. Each person spoke of Mr. Hudson and his operation in high regards.

My outing with Mr. Hudson was not just about jumping on a dogsled and enjoying the Labrador scenery. He guides you through each process and explains its importance. He is very knowledgeable of the Labrador landscape and its history. Although I was initially apprehensive about this adventure, Mr. Hudson put my fears at ease. He made sure the rides were done in a safe manner and all involved, human and dog, were not in a position to be injured.

It was clear to me that Mr. Hudson loved what he was doing. He loved the teaching, he loved the socializing. He was in his element in the bush, despite the snow and -20 degrees. This appreciation is what draws people to Mr. Hudson's operation. I had an amazing experience and upon my return to the island, so many people were interested in trying it out. I also had a few outdoor enthusiasts inquire about what other winter activities, including snowmobiling, were offered in the area.

Erin Murphy
Conception Bay South, NL

I would like to present this letter to you on behalf of Northern Lights Dog Sledding, and Mr. Scott Hudson. I have been involved with using the services of this business for several years. I have been involved in various organizations that have utilized his services to offer a true Labrador experience to people that our groups have brought to Labrador. We have used Scott and Northern Lights Dog Sledding to give a taste of both the history of the Labrador Dogs as well as the experience of harnessing and running the dogs. In each of the half a dozen people we have brought to Scott and his business, their experience has been the highlight of their Labrador Visit. People from outside of Labrador would never have the ability to experience this activity first hand.

The knowledge and history that Scott passes to visitors is a top rate product. He is very well versed and takes a lot of time in ensuring that his guests and customers leave with a great memory and stories that they will spread to others and post on their social media.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Scott and his company and product to anyone. He has a gem of a business and seems to be developing each and every day. His success, to date, has been a testament to his true passion for the dogs and his business of providing the general public with this product.

I Have no doubt that Scott and his business will have tremendous success in the future.

George Andrews
Officer in Charge Labrador MCTS
Canadian Coast Guard

I have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing Northern Lights Dog-sledding on several occasions with friends and family.

Scott and his very friendly helpers always ensure a pleasurable and informative experience. We are always left feeling invigorated and ready to do it all again. This has quickly become the highlight of my winters here in Labrador. People are always surprised when Scott allows them to help harness the dogs, drive the team and even feeding the dogs after the run. This makes it a very personal experience and allows an insight into the traditions and culture of the Metis people.

Scott is so passionate about his dogs and his culture. It is wonderful to see the old traditions being continued in such a constructive way. I hope we will be able to enjoy this amazing experience for many years to come.

Pamela Knight
Happy Valley-Goose Bay

In April of this year the LMXMHA hosted a Provincial Bantam Hockey Tournament. There were a number of teams visiting the Lake Melville area from different locations of the Newfoundland portion of our Province.

Our Association thought it would be suitable to offer Dog Sled rides to all participants, as it is unique to Labrador and displays part of our unique culture. The 120 kids who participated gave rave reviews of their experience and enjoyed it immensely. Memories were made that would surely last a lifetime.

Scott was a very accommodating and an excellent host and certainly takes pride in what he does.

Health Jennings-Brown
Lake Melville District Commissioner
Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada

The Goose Bay Military Family Resource Centre has hired Scott Hudson and Northern Lights Dogsledding for our Winter Carnival Family Fun Day for the last three years. We host approximately 100 people at our event and the dogsled rides are a big hit with approximately 50 children and parents partaking in driving and riding the sleds each year.

Northern Lights Dogsledding offers a unique and cultural experience for our clients and we plan to continue to hire them in the future.

Nona Matthews
Personal Development & Community Integration
Goose Bay Military Family Resource Centre

I am a seventy-three year old woman, retired, and living in Gander, NL. In the past, I have been a Rural Development Co-ordinator and before that, a seasonal naturalist with Parks Canada.

In January of 2015, I was referred to a promotional video of Northern Lights Dogsledding, operated by Scott Hudson, by a mutual friend. I booked a four day stay in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and flew in from Gander, NL. I made several 2 to 3 hour trips with people of all ages, which included education about sled dogs, especially the Labrador Husky, their care and handling, equipment, feeding and housing. This included "hands on" experience, harnessing, riding and driving.

I avidly followed every detail, taking photographs, and being involved in every way possible, including acting as an "outrider" one trip. I followed up by revisiting the kennels that summer and taking the Northern Ranger to meet Labrador Husky owners in Makkovik, Postville and Nain and photographing Labrador Huskies. I read as much as I can about the history of the Labrador Husky and their great importance and contribution to the lives of the people of Labrador. This year I returned for more dogsledding with Northern Lights and plan to return for more, and longer, days of dogsledding next year.

I wholeheartedly support Northern Lights Dogsledding and, in particular, the concept of preserving of the Labrador Husky as a "stand alone" breed of dogs!

Jocelyne Cameron

On March 6, 2016 Scott Hudson graced our Town with your business giving rides to over 100 kids from along the coast line. This adventure was next to none for our residents as it brought back lots of memories to the older generation and lots of excitement to the younger ones. Also, the experience that you gave the kids from the Labrador Straits Academy on March 7th during the school rides and dog team explanations, was astronomical say the least. To hear the thrill from the kids during the rides and to listen to them explaining how to work and run a dog team after, gave us a feeling of pride that any community would be happy to be a part of.

Therefore, the Town Council of Lanse au Loup would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in your future endeavours and are proud to support you in your quest to develop your business.

Janice Normore
Town Manager
Town of Lanes au Loup

I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for the wonderful dogsledding trip we experienced with you just before Christmas on Dec. 21. I have been telling everyone around Marystown about our experience. Your wonderful sense of humour and your obvious love and respect for your dogs and the Labrador dogsledding tradition rang out loud and clear and made it an unforgettable experience for us all.

Thanks so much for making my first trip to Labrador so much fun.

Of course I have been telling everyone around here about the "Slaney" connection and the "St. Lawrence" one too. I told my chiropractor about it the other day too as he is a Slaney from St. Lawrence. Anyway Scott, I hope you have wonderful weather to enjoy your dogs all throughout this winter!

Carl Slaney
Marystown, NL

In the Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Studies 2205 course, the curriculum intends to expose students to NL culture as well as to provide an understanding of the interactions among people, places and the environment in our province. What better way to impart such knowledge of culture and way of life of a people than to experience firsthand a traditional Inuit mode of transportation? The NL studies class at Mealy Mountain Collegiate in Goose Bay had the opportunity to do just that.

In January plans began to take the class of 18 students on a field trip where they would receive a historical presentation on Dog Sledding in Labrador. This field trip would end with an excursion by dog sled and finally, a boil-up with tea and nutritional snacks. Plans occurred between the owner of the Northern Lights Dog Sledding company, the subject teacher, and myself. On the presenter end, the owner spent time mapping out routes for the students and teams to take, prepared culturally-rich historical information to present to the students as well as planned out how the afternoon would look and what supplies would be needed.

On March 2"d, 2016, students and their subject teacher travelled by bus to the kennel where the owners gave a presentation on such topics as: how and why the owners started the company, how to care for the huskies, temperament of the Husky dogs, the basics on how to dog sled, the benefits of dog sledding on the environment, as well as the cultural importance of such modes of transportation for the Indigenous of Labrador. The students were unable to physically experience an actual a dog sled excursion due to district policy, however, they did get the opportunity to interact with the Huskies and end the afternoon with a boil-up.

Monica Asivak
Labrador Regional Office
Newfoundland & Labrador English School District

The Inuit Bachelor of Education Degree (IBED) Program is sponsored by Nuntsiavut Government-Post-Secondary Student Support Program and in partnership with Memorial University Faculty of Education. This year I approached Lori and Scott to set up a day trip to do a dog sledding session out in the backcountry of Labrador. This day trip allowed our students to experience land-based learning in understanding the huskies, dog sledding, and how the dogs and sled were used as transportation means for the Inuit to move about on remote northern landscape years ago and today. We spend a day dog sledding and did a boil up in the country during April 2016 and it was through Lori and Scott's business that allowed the students/faculty members to truly enjoy their experiences in connecting with the land and the animals.

I strongly support Northern Lights Dog Sledding endeavours and the IBED students/faculty members are very excited to book another dog sledding session in the years to come. It is with intention to continue the tradition until our IBED students graduate in the year 2019.

Michelle R. Baikie
Cultural Consultant/Counselor
Nunatsiavut Government-PSSSP
Inuit Bachelor of Education Degree Program