Our Story


We believe in supporting and practicing the traditional ways, to ensure our history is maintained, celebrated and shared. Keeping dogs and continuing the dog sledding tradition is a way of paying respect to our ancestors who worked so hard to pass the culture down to us. As well as to the dogs themselves who toiled to aid in our very survival; we owe it to them. Northern Lights Dog Sledding acts as an outlet for us to share the passion for Labrador, dog sledding and the Inuit-Metis culture.


A Family History of Loving Dogs and Dog Sledding

It all started in Black Tickle, a Labrador South coast, Metis community. Labrador Huskies and dog sledding played an integral role in the day-to-day life for every generation of Scott's family. Scott eventually began his own dog team which ultimately led to the development of Northern Lights Dog Sledding.

Northern Lights Dog Sledding is family owned and operated business in Central Labrador. Owners are husband and wife duo Scott and Lori Hudson, with a collective of 22 years of dog sledding experience. Based in Goose Bay, Labrador they are both active in the community and feel blessed and never take for granted their ability to own and run sled dogs in a community that supports their efforts.

A photo of Scott's family with their dogs

Growing up in a coastal home, Scott was taught the importance of the dog team through story telling. He eventually experienced his first dog team ride in his community, which instilled a passion that has continued to this day. This passion, supported by teachings from his parents led Scott to eventually begin his own dog team and ultimately to the development of Northern Lights Dog Sledding.

Lori Hudson is originally from Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland. Pursuing a teaching career, Lori moved to Labrador in 2006. Upon settling in Goose Bay she met and became involved with not only Scott but his pack of sled dogs as well. Lori has "adopted" the Inuit-Metis culture and shares in her husband's passion for running the dogs and partaking in the rich Labrador-based activity. "Being a part of Northern Lights Dog Sledding is important to me. It's important not only to support Scott but our daughter as well. After all she is next in line, so to speak, as her roots run deep in dog sledding heritage. She is growing up knowing she is Inuit-Metis and what that means in relation to sled dogs and the role they have played in her family's history".