Northern Lights
Dog Sledding
Northern Lights Dog Sledding
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What should I wear?

Dress as you would for snowmobiling - comfortable yet warm.

2. Can I take my camera?

Absolutely! You will want memories of your day and there will be lots of great photo opportunities.

3. How long have you been doing this?

Since 2003

4.How many dogs do you have?

Last count was 15 but it changes

5. Do they all have names?

Yes and unique personalities as well.

6. Can we pet the dogs?

Yes please. We encourage it as they love attention.

7. Do your dogs bite?

They haven't yet but they are dogs (its the honest answer)

8. Why do you have sled dogs?

Cultural connection, keeping our Inuit-Metis heritage alive.

9. What do the dogs eat?

Some commercial dog food but mostly fish, beef, chicken and other wild game.

10. How often do you run the dogs?

At least 3-4 times a week in the winter season and in the fall when cold enough

11. What do the dogs do in the summer?

They relax and dream of snow

12. How old are the dogs when they stop running?

It depends but average age is 10 years old.

13. Then what happens to them?

They go to live in SPCA approved retirement homes.